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The Association’s statutes


Article 1: Foundation 

In date of April 27, 2015, has been founded between the Shepherd and the founder members to the present statutes and those that will join us later, an international Association of evangelization under law control of July 1st, 1901 and the decree of August 16, 1901.

Article 2: Denomination 

The register name of the association is: THE UNIVERSAL SHEEP PEN OF JESUS-CHRISTIANS.

Our Acronym is USJ-C.


Article 3: Purpose and means 

3/1 The objective of the US J-C association is to present to all peoples of the world, irrespective of people or religions, the gospel of christology revealed to his founder, Ayissi Jean Marie by Christ in a night vision of 90 successive nights, in order to create a club of sworn friend(s) of Jesus-Christ, for the restoration of the Christian virtues that are losing speed. 

- To educate for the human rights in the schools, cultural centers, universities, Associations, Churches, Missions and evangelical Works, by making use of biblical texts if necessary; 

- To send some missionaries to support the local Churches; 

- To play the role of mediator beside the public powers, the part government-owned and private organizations in order to guarantee the respect of the evangelical freedoms; 

- To create, to manage, to organize and develop the works of mutual help and aid according to the biblical principles (Matthew 25:31-46);

 - To distribute Bibles, treaties and Christian books in the countries concerned by its action; 

- To search for funds for the financing of its activities; 

- To collaborate with Associations, Institutions, Foundations, Missions and evangelical works of all countries having the similar goal. 

- To coordinate the work of the sections of its members;