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Our purposes

  • Published: Sunday, 28 June 2015 12:37
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Our purposes

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The objective of the U S J-C association is to present to all peoples of the world, irrespective of people or religions, the gospel of christology revealed to his founder, Ayissi Jean Marie by Christ in a night vision of 90 successive nights, in order to create a club of friend(s) of Jesus-Christ, that are taking the oath of allegiance with Jesus (the Jesus-Christians) for the restoration of the Christian virtues that are losing speed. 

- To participate in the education of the human rights in the schools, cultural centers, universities, Associations, Churches, Missions and evangelical Works, by making use of biblical texts if necessary; 

- To send some missionaries to support the local Churches; 

- To play the role of mediator beside the public powers, the part government-owned and private organizations in order to guarantee the respect of the evangelical freedoms; 

- To create, to manage, to organize and develop the works of mutual help and assistance based on the biblical principles (Matthew 25:31-46);

 - To share Bibles, treaties and Christian books in the countries concerned by its action; 

- To search for funds for the financing of its activities; 


- To collaborate with Associations, Institutions, Foundations, Missions and evangelical works of all countries with the similar goal.